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Getting Started 

Riding Escend Blades

E-Skate Tips and Tricks

Skate Safe



  • Find an open flat area with clean pavement for your first ride

  • Previous rollerblading experience is beneficial 

  • Read the provided instructions manual 

  • Other protective gear is always recommended, i.e. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards

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Follow these tips to ensure a safe riding experience 

  • Move the throttle in small increments when accelerating and braking

  • Keep legs wide apart when starting and one foot in front of the other

  • Keep centre of gravity as low as possible 

  • Lean forward when accelerating/Lean backwards when braking 

Storage & Maintenance 
  • Check all screws are tight before riding and do frequently in-depth maintenance checks

  • Clean bearings regularly following industry standard guidelines

  • Make sure the skates and remote are turned off when not in use

  • Recharge the battery in a well ventilated and do not leave unattended 

  • Do not charge in a wet or damp area

  • Only use the Escend charger supplied

  • DO NOT use the battery to power any other equipment

  • DO NOT take apart the electronics and tamper with cabling

  • Check all wires for damage before every use 

User Manual

We recommend that all of our customers read the user manual before using Escend Blades. We provide a user manual in all of our packages.

You can also download a PDF version.

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