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Try Before you Buy

With Professional Skating Instructors

Not sure if you want a pair of Escend Blades, then try them out!

Book a one-to-one lesson with our Ambassador and test out our skates in person.

Meet Escend Blades

Skate, Learn, Enjoy, Discount!

Book a lesson with our Ambassador who will teach you how to use Escend Blades, learn how to skate, go backwards, do tricks and more.

Did you enjoy it?

After testing out our electric skates get the price of the lesson deducted from your order. We will provide you with a discount equivalent to the cost of your lesson. 


Get E-Skate lessons

United Kingdom


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Adrian Pelayo

(+44) 7762320645

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Learn Online 

Check out our Youtube channel for additional tips and tricks when skating with Escend Blades. 

United States

New York

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Trevell Wright

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