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Get E-Skate lessons. Not sure if you want a pair of Escend Blades, then try them out!
Book a one-to-one or group lesson with our Ambassador and test out our skates in person.

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Book a lesson with our Ambassador who will teach you how to use Escend Blades, learn how to skate, go backwards, do tricks and more.
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After testing out our electric skates get the price of the lesson deducted from your order. We will provide you with a discount equivalent to the cost of your lesson.

E-Skate Tips & Tricks

Learn Online

Check out our Youtube channel where one of our ambassadors Adrian Pelayo teaches you how to use Escend Blades for the first time and additional tips and tricks.
Learn How to E-Skate

Skate Safe

Always wear a helmet


  • Find an open flat area with clean pavement for your first ride
  • Previous rollerblading experience is beneficial 
  • Read the provided instructions manual 
  • Other protective gear is always recommended, i.e. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards


  • Move the throttle in small increments when accelerating and braking
  • Keep legs wide apart when starting and one foot in front of the other
  • Keep centre of gravity as low as possible 
  • Lean forward when accelerating/Lean backwards when braking 

Storage & Maintenance

  • Check all screws are tight before riding and do frequently in-depth maintenance checks
  • Clean bearings regularly following industry standard guidelines
  • Make sure the skates and remote are turned off when not in use
  • Recharge the battery in a well ventilated and do not leave unattended 
  • Do not charge in a wet or damp area
  • Only use the Escend charger supplied
  • DO NOT use the battery to power any other equipment
  • DO NOT take apart the electronics and tamper with cabling
  • Check all wires for damage before every use 

User Manual

We recommend that all of our customers read the user manual before using Escend Blades. We provide a user manual in all of our packages.

You can also download a PDF version.

Download PDF