Meet Escend Blades

High-end electric rollerblades made for commuting, leisure and fun. Engineered with the best design practices and top-of the line components, they offer a new horizon of possibilities...

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Main Features

Top Speed



16km (10miles) on a single charge


3.75kg each

Regenerative Braking

Recharge when you brake

Super Charge

1hr 15 mins (20% - 80%)

On & Off Road

Shock absorbing tyres

3 Modes

Eco, Commute, Turbo & Reverse

Up-Hill Climb

20% Gradient climb

Power at your feet

Silent & Powerful Hub Motors

With 800W of combined power and 5 Nm of torque, you can go uphill and conquer any terrain.

Off-Road Riding

All Terrain Tyres

Experience the ultimate versatility with our shock-absorbing tyres. They are puncture proof, smooth and agile on roads and pavements, and designed to handle off-road terrains like gravel, grass and sand. Whether you want to commute, shred or explore, our tyres will give you stability and speed without wobbles or shakes.

90a Hardness able to conquer a range of terrains 


105mm Diameter, for all speed modes, reverse & tricks

Durable & Puncture Proof

Minimum 1000km before replacement 

Shock Absorbing

Maximise comfort with ultra-smooth riding

Made to last

Durability for Years

Precision-engineered from aerospace-grade aluminum for unmatched strength and quality.

You're in Control

Wireless Remote Control

Experience the thrill of skating with our intuitive smart remote. Featuring an OLED display, you can see all the essential information about your journey (Speed, Travelled Distance, Battery Level)
Enjoy a smooth and safe ride with a comfortable thumb throttle that lets you control your speed and apply braking. 
Stay in control and switch between different ride modes with a simple touch of your finger.
Predictive Alerts

Built in Vibration Sensors when the battery is at 50% & 25%

Light-Up OLED Screen

Displays battery levels, speed modes, skating direction & distance travelled

Ergonomic Design

Engineered for comfort and convenience, crafted to natural contours.


Made from ABS a durable, sustainable plastic, IP65 certified water and dust protected

Escend on the go

Travel Made Easy

Traveling with your Escend Blades has never been easier! Our electric rollerblades are designed to make your commute more comfortable and elevate your travel experience. With almost the same dimensions as regular inline skates, you can take them on public transport with ease.
They are also Air-Travel Certified, meaning that our battery is removable and adheres to air-travel guidelines. 
Travel anywhere and explore at the comfort of your blades. 

Mount Your boots

Universal Mounting

Our universal mounting system is compatible with most skate boots on the market and features: 
-  160 to 195mm distance mounting points 
-  UFS boots compatibility with a special UFS adapter
-  Trinity boots compatibility with a special Trinity adapter
The Adapters

Technical Specifications

Skate Specs

Maximum Speed:


Single Charge Range:

16km / 10miles

Hill Climb:

20% Gradient

Motor Power:

800W (400W x2)

Motor Type:

Hub Motor, Rear Wheels

Riding Modes:

3 Speeds (Eco, Commute & Turbo) and Reverse

Charge Time:

1hr 25mins (20% - 80%)

2hr 25mins (20% - 100%)


25.2 V, 2.5 A


2 x 5.6 Ah


105mm, 90a Hardness


Wicked Chrome Steel, ABEC 9


Aerospace-Grade Aluminium

Recommended Max Load:


Water and Dust Protection:

IP66 Certified


3.75kg Each

Remote Specs




ABS Plastic

Vibration Notifications:

50% and 25% Battery left


Tactile Vibration

Charge Time:

30 - 45 Minutes (100%)



Water and Dust Protection:

IP66 Certified

Boots Compatibility


2-Point system

Mount Length:

160mm to 195mm

UFS Boots:

Yes, with adapter

Trinity Boots:

Yes, with adapter




Brake Location:

Motors - activated by remote

Acceleration Control: