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Metro hard shell boots offer an in-tuned skating feeling. The solidity and foot/ankle support is outstanding as it is suitable for all levels and types of skating, from recreational and urban to free and aggressive skating styles suitable for high speeds and tricks. The liner is made from sifika, an anti-slippery material which helps to prevent your foot from moving. The liner also has anatomical ankle padding and embossed foam layers which adapt perfectly to a skater's foot, keeping your heel in place and optimising comfort. The fastening is a classical system with two micrometric clasps fitted with a locking system, which prevents the clasps from popping open at any shock or bump, but a simple release with the press of a button. Powerslide’s fastening system provides rigid yet flexible support, permitting great forwards and backwards skating. 

Powerslide’s Metro Hard shell boots come with a flexible liner that covers two sizes in each category.

Product Specification

Maximum Speed: 25 km/h | 15 mph
Battery Range: 16 km | 10mph
Battery Charge Time: 1hr 25min (0-80%) | 2hr 25min (0-100%)
Hill Climb: 20 Degrees gradient
Motor Power: 2x 400W | 2x 2.5Nm of torque
Skates Weight: 2x 3.75kg
Max Recommended Load Weight: 100 kg
Water & Dust Protection: IP66 Certified

Riding Modes: 3 Speed modes, Forward & Reverse ride modes
Wheels/Tyres: 105mm diameter, Silicone rubber (90A hardness),
Frame: Aluminium 6061 T6 (Aerospace Grade)
Bearings: Wicked Chrome Steel, ABEC 9

For full specifications visit Escend Blades Page

Size: 37/38

180 Days Warranty protection for all manufacturing defects. 

The warranty covers all products sold by Escend through our official website.

Size: 37/38

Product information

180 Days Warranty protection for all manufacturing defects.

The warranty covers all products sold by Escend through our official website.

Escend Blades Alpha are not currently in stock and will be available for shipping in the first half of June, 2023

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  • Escend Blades Alpha, Electric Inline Skates
  • Metro Boots
  • Escend Blades Charger (x2)
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control Charger - USB C
  • Tool Kit
  • Instructions Manual

Main Features

Top Speed



16km (10miles) on a single charge


3.75kg each

Regenerative Braking

Recharge when you brake

Super Charge

1hr 15 mins (20% - 80%)

On & Off Road

Shock absorbing tyres

3 Modes

Eco, Commute, Turbo & Reverse

Up-Hill Climb

20% Gradient Climb

Escend Blades Alpha

With Powerslide Metro Boots

An in-tuned skating feeling, for smooth commutes, recreational, urban and aggressive skating.


Why Aluminium?

It's good enough for Space, it's good enough for Us!

Escend Blades are made from the same material used in the aerospace and defence industry to reinforce aeroplane wings and build crucial parts of rockets.

With its remarkable strength, aluminium enables the creation for unparalleled manoeuvrability which excels at high-speeds, and an extraordinary heat dissipator resulting in improved performance and preventing overheating.

Light, Resistant and Beautiful.

Riding Modes


Casual relaxed skating experience ideal for beginners, top speed of 10km/h


Faster-relaxed way of commuting, top speed of 18km/h ​


Unlock the sports mode, top speed of 25km/h


Swap the direction and skate backwards