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Doop Boots | Powerslide

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Doop boots are the best-in-class step-in boots which allow you to wear your own shoes whilst skating. This versatile urban skate boot has three straps, the closures are micro-adjustable with the top one as a buckle and the bottom two with button-release clasps to maximise safety and support. Doop boot has been designed as exoskeleton size-adjustable boots with two mondo sizes, small and large. They are made from durable glass-fibre reinforced plastic, with a stable base and the ability to expand the boot to fit your foot size and footwear. We have chosen to offer you Doop boots as they are ideal for the last-mile commute, they are quick and easy to strap into yet remain comfortable and convenient, offering a fun style of skating, while reducing the time to your destination.

Size: Small (US: 5-10) (EU: 36-43)
Size: Small (US: 5-10) (EU: 36-43)

Product information

Doop Boots are currently in stock and available.

  • Boot Type: Step-in (wear your own shoes), Blade & Walk
  • Shell/outsole material: Durable glass-fiber, reinforced plastic
  • Liner: Top cuff padding, 45° flap padding, Nylon mesh, Lycra
  • Mounting: Adjustable Trinity mounting (Does not require Trinity Adapters for Escend Blades)
  • Closures: Three micro-adjustable closures. Force ratchet buckle, micro-adjustable buckle, force ratchet buckle
  • Ventilation: Depends on shoes being used
  • Boot manufacturer: Powerslide