Meet the Co Founders

In October 2020, Anton and Rashid met while working at Arrival and discovered their shared passion for developing motorised electric skates. To their surprise, they had been working on prototypes independently and decided to join forces to bring their dreams to life. After discussing the product's vision and goals they left their jobs and embarked on the journey of creating their product.

Ultimately, with Anton’s strong mechanical engineering knowledge and Rashid’s electronics and programming expertise, they decided to combine their efforts to develop the first commercial electric inline skates.

Their fundamental goal was to make the skates safe, fun, and inclusive of everyone, regardless of the user's background or skill level. During the development of Escend Blades, the core design decisions focused on optimising comfort, convenience, durability and performance for the best riding experience. Combined with constant feedback from professional skaters and numerous tested prototypes, the final design was achieved, now known as, Escend Blades Alpha.

Anton Larin


Anton Larin from a young age has always had a natural passion for creating and developing innovative products, which led him to further his skills and creative talents by studying Product Design Engineering at Brunel University London. Anton’s hobbies include mountain biking, snowboarding, skating and travelling, he has always enjoyed a challenge, whether in his hobbies or in a professional environment.
Anton is a highly skilled development engineer with diverse industry experience, including Pump, Battery, and Automotive manufacturing. He honed his expertise in product development and design practices while delivering High Voltage Battery Modules for Arrival, a UK-based unicorn start-up. Working at Arrival inspired him to pursue his vision of personal electric mobility transport, leading him to bring his university dissertation project to life and introduce electric skates to the market making them available for everyone.
Anton is now embarking on his journey as the head of product development and the Co-founder of Escend.

Rashid Mustafa


Rashid, our Co-founder and head of Mechatronics/Integration, has always had a passion for engineering and design work. His interest in technology started at a young age, and he has since received numerous academic awards in mathematics and sciences. Rashid's natural talent for engineering led him to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of South Wales, where he later achieved an Fd.Eng degree in Mechatronics Engineering. As an amateur inline skater, Rashid dreamed of having motorized skates, and his expertise in mechatronics has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life at Escend.
Rashid’s professional experience has revolved around battery technology, automated testing, and mechatronics engineering, most recently he worked at Arrival a unicorn start-up company which is paving the way for electric public transport.
His complex knowledge of Lithium-Ion batteries, test executions and technical expertise has driven forward a passion to create a sustainable environment, adapting society by inventing and promoting electric means of transport.

Why Electric Inline Skates?

In the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in the micro-mobility market, with products like electric scooters, bicycles and skateboards becoming the new norm of transportation around cities. These modes of transport are convenient, fun, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly.

As diverse as the current micro-mobility market is, there is still a significant niche missing that excludes products for people who want a lighter means of transport or those with skating interests. That’s why at Escend, we have developed the first electric inline skates, a truly fun and innovative product, a compact design for a lighter agile way of commuting.

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